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Mistica 2-PACK

Mistica 2-PACK


Synergy's Mistica captures a mystical energy in an exotic fruit blend that tastes delicious and delivers important, life-giving nutrients. Including a daily serving of Misticain your nutritional regime will fortify your bodily systems and give you what you need accomplish more each day.

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Synergy's Mistica captures amystical energy in an exotic fruit blend that tastes delicious anddelivers important, life-giving nutrients. Including adaily serving ofMisticain your nutritional regime will fortify yourbodily systems andgive you what you need accomplish more each day.

Theacai berry andthe other fruits found in Mistica are natural sources ofanthocyaninsand other antioxidants, which can neutralize harmful free radicals before they cause damage. In addition topowerfulantioxidants, acaialso contains naturally occurring essential fatty acids, amino acids,and plant sterols, which are compoundsthat resemblecholesterol.

Packed with tropical goodness, Mistica tastes great and provides your bodily systems with a dazzling array ofhealth-enhancingproperties. Unlikeother fruit blends, Mistica containsno caffeine, added sugar, orother harmful substances. Once you try it,you'll agree that Mistica gives you the combination of nutrients youneed for successful living anytime ofthe day. Mistica is truly thenectar of the gods!

Science of Acai
We've all heard of free radicals and the negative effects they can have on our health. Free radicals occur everywhere in our environment, including our food and in the air webreathe. Our own energy production can create free radicals, and environmental factors such as pollution, exposure to sunlight, and smoking can increase the amount of free radicals we're exposed to.

In our bodies, free radicals attack our cellsthousands of times a day, weakening themand contributing toprematureaging inall parts of the body. These dangerous substances are truly ascourge to ourhealth and a force thatmust be reckonedwith.

Guarding against free radical damage is one the most important step we can taketo protect our health. Free radicals attack our cells thousands of timea day,weakening the body and contributing to the aging process. With its unique combination of antioxidants, anthocyanins, andessentialfattyacids, Mistica fights free radicals better than any other fruit blendsupplement on the market.

Mistica also contains liberal quantities ofthejuices of pomegranate,cranberry, blueberry, elderberry, and grapes.These natural substances include a wide variety of antioxidants and other important nutrients.

Packed with tropical goodness,Mistica tastes greatand provides your bodily systems with a dazzling array of health-enhancingproperties. Unlike other fruit blends, Mistica contains no caffeine, added sugar, or other harmful substances. Once you try it, you'll agree that Mistica gives you the combination of nutrients you need for successful living any time of the day.

Mistica fruit blendcontains naturally occurring levels of:
- Antioxidants
- Essential fatty acids
- Phytosterols
- Aminoacids

Acai (Euterpeoleracea)
Acai is pronounced ah-sigh-ee. Acai is native to Brazil. It is a small, round fruit that is producedby a certainspecies of palmtree. The appearance of the fruit is similarto a grape. The fruit is a dark blue/purple color. However, the fruit contains alarge pit andonly a small amount ofpulp. The pulp and juice are used in beverages and foods. Acai contains high amounts of anthocyanins. Italso contains healthy fatty acids (oleic acid) and sterols. Plant sterols have been used to maintain cholesterol levels, aid the immune system, and maintain a healthy prostate.

Lycium (Lyciumbarbarum)
Lyciumisalso called wolf berry. The Chinese have used wolf berry fruit and bark for hundreds of years. The Chinesehave used this herb to strengthen muscles and bone, protect liverfunction, replenish the vitalessence,treat diabetes, prevent aging andimprove visual acuity. Disease prevention and prolongation of life may bedue to lycium'simmune enhancing effects as well as protecting against DNA and cellular damage.

Lycium fruits are reported tocause an increase in leukocytecounts, immune cellactivity, andnonspecific immunity, and stimulation oftissuedevelopment. The polysaccharides, glycoconjugates, flavonoids, andphenolic amidesappear to have potent antioxidant properties, insome cases,similar tothat of superoxidedismutase (SOD). Some of these antioxidants inhibitLDL peroxidation, while others provide a heap toprotectiveeffect.Research has shown thatlycium berry helped improve immunefunction, dark adaptation, and vision.

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